Best Lacrosse Heads For Defense 2020

Nov 19, 2019

The best lacrosse heads for defense of 2020 are based on’s two decades of knowledge and understanding of what the best new technologies can do for a player's age, ability and position.  Our core customer base is the very best of collegiate, high school and youth lacrosse.  At we are trusted family business of players, coaches and All-Americans that truly understand the best lacrosse sticks and Pro stringing in the game. See why Connor Kelly, a 2x First Team All-America, a 3x NCAA All-Tournament Team selection, a 3x Big Ten All-Tournament Team selection uses to string up all his sticks.

ECD Rebel D - The East Coast Dyes Rebel defense lacrosse head is designed for the two-way LSM players and all advancing youth defensive players that are looking for a stiff and aggressive head that will put some offense in your defense. They pinched the scoop a bit on this head which has the effect of elongating the channel and the string hole setup begs for a true mid pocket. Our Pros at strung up a few up with ECD Hero 2.0 Semi-Soft and Hero 2.0 Semi-Hard. The semi-soft model had amazing whip and carry ability for guys who are carrying during clears. The semi-hard had a super quick release for guys who aren't afraid to carry it to the hole or dish out a quick feed on fast breaks. 

Maverik Havok - The Maverik Havok lacrosse head is made for every play-making longpole.  For years LSMs and defensemen who wanted improved ball control and a tight face shape have been forced to use offensive heads. While you had much better ball control, you had to sacrifice some of the defensive capabilities of the head. Most were too flexible and could not withstand the rigors of playing defense. The Maverik Havok helps solves that problem! Using their X-Rail Technology, Maverik was able to create a lightweight and stiff head, that is perfect for defense and LSM's. 

STX Hammer Omega - The STX Hammer Omega lacrosse head was made for those guys that want to lay down the lumber. When you are throwing checks using your STX Hammer Omega, attackmen will remember you after the final whistle.  The redesigned Speed Scoop will make ground balls a breeze, regardless of the angle of the attack.  This head is made with Omega polymer which offers the highest strength to weight ratio of any STX head in history!  The updated tighter face profile adds control for better clears and quicker fast breaks.  The sidewall profile is optimized for player preferred high pocket placement.  

Maverik Tank - The Maverik Tank lacrosse head boasts a wider design and strings well for mid-high pocket. The Tank is a great choice for players that find themselves frequently running the ball up over the mid-line on clears rather than passing it up. The mid-high pocket allows defenseman to pass with some “air” under the ball as well as rip some hard in-line passes. Our Pro’s like the Maverik Tank for the Control and true high bucket pocket. Full field passes, long clears, no worries here when strung up with StringKing 4S or East Coast Dyes semi-soft.  

All of the above heads are available unstrung or can be strung by the best in the nation at Ask anyone who plays at the elite level in high school and college, they have all trusted for years to deliver the best pockets in the game. We STRONGLY recommend ECD Hero 2.0 custom stringing for the high school, college and advanced youth crowd. For the youth player, our less expensive PRO STRUNG option is an amazing value with high quality mesh that requires little or no maintenance for a season of play. If you have any questions about what lacrosse head might be right for you or your player, feel free to give our Pro’s a call at 855.255.5294. We will be able to tell you what we think is right based on your age, ability and position.  

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