When to Buy a New Lacrosse Head

Jun 24, 2019

The temperature of the weather can change the way the plastic performs in your lacrosse head and can negatively affect your game. You should upgrade your old lacrosse head to a new lacrosse head at the beginning of every season and depending on how aggressively you play, you might need a couple. We know heads can be expensive but you should really look out for the warning signs.

The age of your head can drastically affect the way you play. 

Simply put, just the age of your head can cause issues.  Hand me downs are a great way to get started but if you really want to improve your game, get a fresh head, that is strung by a Pro. Trust us, you will feel and see the difference a fresh lacrosse head can make.

Plastic loses its strength and begins to warp due to weather.

Like we mentioned before temperature is a big factor in heads warping in the summer and cracking in the fall when it gets colder out.  Lots of companies have been updating their plastic to help combat this challenge. STX has Enduraform, ECD uses FlexForm, and Maverik has DuraTough.  While they all help, it doesn't guarantee your head from warping/cracking and you should take precautions to help extend the life of your head. Don't leave it laying in your backyard or in your trunk all day when your not using it.

When players have issues throwing, catching or getting ground balls it is usually because the head is warped or the stringing has bagged out.

A major sign that your head needs to be replaced is that you start throwing passes to the left or right, your shot becomes inaccurate, catching the ball becomes harder and your head bends when going for a ground ball.  If this is happening you should upgrade as soon as you can. Nothing is worse than if the game on the line, and you miss a pass, ground ball or even the game winning shot.

At LAX.com, we offer the very latest in lacrosse heads including the:

stx stallion enduraform

Maverik Tactik 2.0

ecd Lacrosse dna

If you need any suggestions, call our Pro's at 855-255-5294 and be sure to have your new head strung by our Pro-Stringing team at LAX.com. Stringing is critical towards any players development and our stringers are trusted by the best in the game to deliver the most consistent pockets in lacrosse.   


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