Epoch Purpose Strung w. Pro Mesh Fade


Epoch Purpose Strung w. Pro Mesh Fade

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Limited Edition 2 Color Fade Mesh - Purpose 15-degree Women's Lacrosse Head

Product Details

LIMITED EDITION 2-COLOR FADE MESH!  The Purpose 15-degree head has changed the landscape of women's lacrosse since it hit the market in 2017.  This game changing head is now available with Epoch's new Pro Mesh Pocket.  Designed in unison, the Pro Mesh pocket is engineered to optimize the sweet spot of the Purpose's exclusive patent pending 15-degree technology.  Each part of the pocket is strategically designed to give you, the player, ultimate control, feel and accuracy when playing.

The HT Poly technology is engineered to keep your pocket consistent is all weather conditions with minimal or no adjustments. The visually stunning spine of the Pro Mesh Pocket allows players to adjusted and obtain their desired depth and control while driving the ball to the sweet spot.  Paired with a Epoch Dragonfly shaft, you will have one of the best set ups in the game.

Just like the Purpose, the Pro Mesh Pocket is engineered and strung in the USA and meets US Lacrosse specs*.

*The head and Pro Mesh combination meets all USL specs at the time of production.

Head: Purpose
Profile: 15-degree Bottom Rail
Pocket Location: Zone 4 High
Pocket: Pro Mesh
Head Warranty: 1 Year (limited)
Pocket Warranty: 30 Days
Head Material: Composite Injected Polymer

Pocket Adjustment:
More Whip / Hold = Tighten bottom shooter
Less Whip / Smoother Release = Loosen or remove the bottom shooter
Tighten / Loosen Pocket = Adjust the bottom spine