Gait Draw Complete Stick


Gait Draw Complete Stick

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GAIT Draw Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick - Designed for the draw but versatile enough for the entire field

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The GAIT Draw women's lacrosse complete stick was built to win the draw, but is versatile enough to use on the entire field. Designed by the Gait brothers, arguably two of the best lacrosse players of all time, you can be assured that this women's complete lacrosse stick can perform. This complete stick was launched at the IWLCA and was a tremendous success. The collegiate coaches scooped them right up. The best part about the head is the versatility. There is so much technology specifically built into this head for the draw that you would think that is all that it is meant for. However our Pro's think it is one of the best heads that can be used on the entire field because it features the Rail Draw pocket. Our Pro's love the large front pocket, perfectly angled scoop for the ground ball pick ups on the move and the super narrow channel. Paired with the Gait mid composite women's lacrosse shaft which is a favorite among our Pro's. The smooth feel of the shaft is very cool. It is SO LIGHTWEIGHT it is unbelievable! It is a 7/8 inch diameter and feels really good in your hands. It is made of composite material so it stays temperate in all weather conditions. The GAIT Draw complete stick will be in the hands of many more players than just those taking the draw.

  • Double sidewall technology allows for narrow silhouette and unmatched front and backside pocket control
  • Reverse scoop design - enhances backside ball control during the draw motion
  • New stringing hold concept allows for large front pocket without hooking during ball release
  • Features the Rail Draw pocket for optimum performance