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The Swax Lax soft weighted practice lacrosse balls are perfect for training both indoors and out. These soft, bean bag filled balls actually weigh the same as regular lacrosse balls so that it is very similar to the feel of a real ball. Great for younger players working on their stick work and safer than using a regular ball. Specifically designed to be the same weight and dimensions as a regulation lacrosse ball. Beanbag-like design helps new players develop their skills with less fear and more confidence. Softer than a hard rubber lacrosse ball and gentle on hardwood gym floors. Less bounce and no rebounds makes for a more productive practice environment. Highly durable and shock absorbent. Gentle on hardwood gym floors, making it perfect for indoor play. Durable enough to take real shots. Weight : 142 to 145 grams Diameter: 64 mm Swax Lax balls should only be used with age-appropriate head and eyewear.