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SISU mouth guards were our most up and coming mouth guard brand last year. These wrap up and around the teeth and allow players to talk normally. Huge deal for the older guys that are into communication and especially goalies and defenders. Now there is a mouth guard you can use to call out slides without having to worry about it falling out. These SISU mouth guards are one of our best sellers.
The STX Crux 600 10 degree women's complete lacrosse stick has an advanced Launch Pocket. STX engineered the Launch Pocket to be more flexible so the sweet spot is high in the pocket. The STX Crux 600 complete stick boasts a new technology called Drop Rail, that made the sidewall a bit skinnier but lowered the depth of the pocket at the sweet spot as well. With these two technologies you now have a softer and deeper pocket right up towards the top of the stick that really gives you some of the best ball control and quickest release in the game. The handle on this complete stick is the Comp10. The Comp 10 handle has an oval shape and is coated with a slightly tacky rubberized film that many players prefer. The Comp10 handle offers a massive advantage over straight handle technology for advancing players. The STX Crux 600 10 degree offers a deep;pocket, softer feel, flexible pocket runner, Comp10 handle and speed scoop.
AllBall Pro
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The STX Crux 400 girls lacrosse complete stick is designed for players that are just starting in lacrosse. The STX Crux 400 lacrosse head is an upgraded starter lacrosse head, made of quality material, that will elevate a younger players game. The Crux 400 girls lacrosse head is made for attack and midfield players, and is designed with a signature Runway Pocket. The signature Crux face shape offers a tight pinch that transitions into a wide catching area. It has a pointed scoop which allows for accurate shots and passes. The minimum side wall height allows for the deepest legal pocket and increased ball retention. The STX Crux 400 composite lacrosse handle offers Constant Flex technology for added snap on shots and passes. It is thinner in diameter which allows for quick and easy handling for a younger player. The 1andquot; flare creates a direct head-to-handle connection without the need for an additional insert. The Teardrop profile offers an ergonomic grip. The soft, rubberized finish allows for players to have an excellent grip. This complete girls lacrosse stick offers one of the most advanced beginner level girls complete sticks in the game.
Rail Elite Women's Custom Lacrosse Pocket
Under Armour
The Under Armour Emissary complete lacrosse stick is one of the lightest sticks on the market. Our Pro's can't get over how light this lacrosse stick is. They love the thin feel of the Pro-comp small diameter lacrosse shaft and the Emissary lacrosse head that is strung with a Rail Elite Pocket. Our Pro's love the narrow silhouette of the UA Emissary lacrosse head because it allows for the most channeled front pocket. The Rail Elite Pocket allows for the pocket to taper to the scoop sooner than any other lacrosse head. The Rail Elite Pocket has pre-stretched leather and a curved cross lace design. Updated with Cross Lace Technology this lacrosse head, strung with the Rail Elite Pocket provides some of the best feel in the game. The Flat Bottom Rail lowers the center of gravity while keeping the pocket shape flat for better catching. The maximum raised stringing holes on the side of the lacrosse head provide a best in class pocket shape.
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The STX Exult 600 women's complete lacrosse stick is one of the most elite sticks in the game for midfielders and for those that want to win the draw. The newly designed STX Exult 600 lacrosse head, compared to the Exult 500, maintained the same weight ratio but has a 50% stiffer scoop. The new face shape of the Exult 600 women's lacrosse head, strung with Runway Pocket technology, has a high pinch point and increases ball control. The Comp10 handle was re-engineered for a bit lighter feel. It has an oval shape and is coated with a sightly tacky rubberized film that many players prefer. If you're playing above the youth level, and you are a midfielder, the STX Exult 600 complete stick was built for you. The 10 degree technology means cradling higher up in the pocket, a faster shot speed and quicker release. The Exult 600 lacrosse sticks are based on the amazing success of the Crux 600 series and are now more adapted to the offensive side of the field because of the tapered design that provides the best hold and accuracy in the game. Put this in the hands of player with decent skills and watch their game elevate instantly.
Young athletes dominate the practice field in the Nike Girl's Dry Tempo Running shorts. The Nike DRY fabric ensures she stays cool when the action heats up, while the built-in brief design offers lightweight support. Side mesh panels enhance ventilation in high-heat areas, an elastic waistband adjust for comfort and an internal pocket offers on-the-go storage. There is a 3" inseam with a classic fit that is relaxed and moves with her body. Perfect for practice or the gym.
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Eye Black
BATTLEPAINT EYE BLACK<div class="item image-zoom"><a href="https://www.lax.com/complete-lacrosse-guide-sizing.html#filter=.women"> <img alt="Need Help? Complete Lacrosse Guide And Sizing Chart" src="https://www.lax.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-lax-products/default/dw80bbcd58/cc%20images/Untitled-4_0000_Complete-Lacrosse-Guide-And-Sizing-Charts.png" title="Need Help? Complete Lacrosse Guide And Sizing Chart" width="100%" /></a></div>
The StringKing Women's Mark 2 Offense lacrosse head features an aggressive offset and tighter face shape, which helps to create a more focused pocket for better ball control and faster shots. Our Pro's love the lightweight feel of this women's lacrosse head. They also like the aggressive sidewall design and tighter face shape which gives players even more control and better feel with the ball in their stick. The sidewall profile helps create a more focused high pocket, designed for offense, which loads the ball in the sweet spot for faster and more accurate shots.The pre-strung version comes with a high pocket and is strung with StringKing Women's Type W 4 lacrosse mesh.
The Epoch Purpose 15 degree technology will carry the ball higher in the pocket. The Epoch Purpose 15 degree head will tilt the angle of the head on a straight shaft. Now players can realize all the benefits of tilt angle technology that carries the ball high in the pocket without having to use a specializes shaft. Quicker releases, faster shots are all the flick of a wrist away. The Purpose is being seeded with some of the best collegiate and high school players in the nation. The;Ladder pockets really whip the ball around nicely while still affording great control.
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The STX Crux 600 Flex handle utilizes 10 degree technology and carbon to carry that ball high in the pocket and also provide a little extra zip on the ball as the shaft flexes back into shape. The guys have been using the added whip of carbon technology for years, and now the girl's game just got a little bit faster as well. These handles are not the same as the fatter, rounder models that come standard with the Crux 600 complete sticks. These are the upgraded octagon handles that are a bit thinner and have sharper edges that most of the elite HS and collegiate players prefer. These composites perform well in all weather conditions, are extremely durable and will and snap and speed to your shooting and passing game with no noticeable flex during dodging or ball handling.