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GRIP YOUR BALLS! The Greaser Gripper resurfaces old, slippery lacrosse balls so they feel and play like new. No more throwing greasers and shiners into the woods.
Shoot N Scoop
The Shoot n Scoop is a innovative and effective lacrosse training tool which improves vital lacrosse fundamentals both on and off the practice field. Our Pro's think the Shoot n Scoop helps players better develop and hone essential lacrosse skills, namely shooting, passing and scooping
Warrior Wedge
<p><strong>One Set of&nbsp;StankStix&nbsp;contains:</strong></p> <p>2 StankStix Sticks &ndash; 2 Deodorizing Insert Bags &ndash; Durable Removable Handle- 2 Extra End Caps</p> <p><strong>Fits Most:</strong><br /> Adult and child size shoes &middot; cleats &middot; boots &middot;skates &middot; athletic gloves &middot;helmets &middot;arm pads &middot;knee pads&middot; laundry baskets &middot;gym bags and more.</p> <p><iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="100%"></iframe></p>
East Coast Dyes
The East Coast Dyes Mint lacrosse ball 6-pack is guaranteed fresh with a special UV light resistant process that keeps these balls feeling like new all the time. ECD realized that there was a big difference between practicing on the wall or pitch back with an old, hard greasy ball and something that felt like it was new out of the box. Improved accuracy and feelmeans that these Mint balls will ensure that you are practicing with the exact same feel as the ball they are using on game day .. Consistantly Fresh Use the same feeling ball for practice that you would in a game. Made in USA We love stuff made here in the good old U.S.A . SHOOTER AND GOALIES DREAM BALL Both shooters and Goalies alike will agree tha this is the most realistic game ball on the market. We know these are too expensive for the average practice, but if you are headed to the wall... or looking to put some up-close hand speed work in... these are worth every penny. These are our second favorite six packs :)
Smelly lacrosse gear? No more! This product seriously works! If you want to get the "stink" out of your lacrosse gear you need to buy this product!
Make a splash this summer with the GoSports Splash pool lacrosse game set! Includes 1 Splash LAX goal, 2 Mini Lacrosse Sticks and 4 Soft Rubber Balls for ultimate lacrosse pool party games.
Smelly lacrosse gear? No more! This product seriously works! If you want to get the "stink" out of your lacrosse gear you need to buy this product!
Rep your style in a big way with Nike Baller Bands.
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Moisture wicking head wrap from TRUE can be used to keep the sweat out of your eyes. Easily fits under helmet.... dry tech material simply ties at the back and will hold for hours. Improves vision and you wont even know you are wearing it. Sweet USA flag themed from True.
Lacrosse tape pre-wrap that is used by most every trainer in the game on ankles, hammy and quads. Basically if there is hair anywhere near by, this goes on first to form a base before you put on the athletic tape. This is the good stuff that the pros use... not the economy stuff that tears all the time.